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Customer travelogue- Whistler and Squamish

A few weeks ago, our customer Loren headed up to Whistler for some riding. We’re not going to say anything that’s been already said about Whistler in terms of the riding, people and stoke.

In addition to shredding many of the trails at whistler including the infamous Top of the World trail. Loren his crew also hit Squamish which is roughly half way to Whistler from Vancouver and is earning itself as a destination or even an alternative to the Whistler crowds. One of the main attractions in Squamish is the epic Half Nelson Trail. According to Loren, this was one of the many high points of the trip. Absolutely killer trail!  

Loren was kind enough to share some of his pics of the trip. Two pictures of note, you’ll see a pic of a bear crossing the A Line trail at Whistler a minute before Loren hits the same jump. Could have been an interesting situation!

Thanks Loren for sharing the great pictures.

We at Elevation would like to see and share your pics of days on the trail. Please send them in to us at either We’ll draft a little write up if you don’t want to and give you all the glory.