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Client Ride: Matt's 2016 Scott Genius 710 Plus

Our customer Matt is fully stoked on his new 2016 Scott Genius 710 Plus bike. He might just be the first in the bay area to have one on the trail! A great comment Matt made post-demo was "I felt I was cheating". By this comment, he meant that there is so much traction with the wheels, pedals efficiently on the climbs and descends confidently.

Oh, did we mention that demos of the Scott 710 Plus bikes are available and ready for you to give them a spin! Give us a call!

Matt's 2016 Scott Genius 710Plus

Client Ride- Dave's 2014 Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 MSL

Meet Dave and his new 2014 Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 MSL. The Altitude is a Christmas gift "to Dave from his wife". We have a very sentimental note that Dave conveniently wrote for his wife on his behalf. Swing by the shop to have a read! As with Dave, we think it's a creative bargaining strategy with your significant other. 

At least they'll laugh with you and not at you when you're hustling for a new bike!

For more info on the Altitude have a read here.


Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Race- Saturday Nov. 8th

We've got a lot going on this week here at Elevation Bike Co. We've got the Intense factory demo Sunday Nov. 9th at China Camp, and we'll also be in Brisbane (Sierra Point) Saturday and Sunday for the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross night race. As a result, the shop will be closed on Saturday Nov. 8th. If you're racing or just coming out to watch some great Cyclocross, swing by our booth to say hi and grab yourself some of Mel's rad oatmeal cookies! They make you race faster!

Intense Factory Demo- Nov. 9th @ China Camp

The Intense Factory Demo is hitting the Bay Area! Join Elevation Bike Co. and Intense for a morning of demos! Come on out and ride the 2015 line including the Interbike bike of the year Tracer T275C, as well as the Carbine 29, Spider 29 and the Tracer 275. 

When and Where: Sunday November 9th 9AM-3PM China Camp Park (San Pedro Rd near the campground entrance) in San Rafael 

See you there!

Shredding gnar on the the Tracer 275   

Shredding gnar on the the Tracer 275