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Customer Testimonial- Troy's Scott Spark Build

Our client Troy was kind enough to provide us with a testimonial on his bike build experience with Elevation Bike Company:

"I am a competitive Xterra racer who wanted to build the perfect racing follow component/feature requirements:

  • Sub 23 lbs
  • Power meter
  • 5 inches of travel
  • Light but durable parts
  • Optimal components for the unique demands of racing Xterras

           Not only did I accomplish this with Elevation Bike Co but succeeded beyond expectation.   

Charlie is a trusted, deeply experienced advisor for parts choices -- convinced me to get the wider Enve bars (awesome!), advised on spoke count and hubs for Enve wheels, chose great grips for racing without gloves, and spent a few hours crunching numbers with me to choose the optimal number of teeth on the front XX1 chainring. XX1 choice we debated resulted in elegant bar controls -- with one lever for suspension and one lever for shifting. All of this resulted in building the bike right the first time.

My favorite bike ever – weighed in at 22.5 lbs…extraordinary racing bike with a dual remote CTD for both shocks controlled by a single lever on the bars, and also incredibly fun to ride.

In terms of immediate, measurable results, got 37 Strava personal records in my first 3 rides on usual routes in the Marin headlands got instantly faster on climbs, flats and descents. Had a breakthrough season of Xterra off-road triathlon racing, crushing previous bike times, and feeling fresh to set personal records on the post-bike runs.

It's always a pleasure to visit the shop and talk with Scott and Charlie. You can count on them to support you in clutch situations like unexpected pre-race emergency repairs. Learned new tricks hanging out in the shop. For example, like leaving valve stems at the top for a minute before adding air, so sealant can settle and lowering tire pressure by 10lbs for better traction with great results.

Final result is unprecedented performance, excitement and fun on 2 wheels."

Thanks for the great testimonial Troy! For more info on Xterra races, check out: