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Intense Demo- Sunday, January 25th at China Camp Park San Rafael.

1st demo of 2015! Join Elevation Bike Co. and Intense for a morning of demos! Come on out and ride the 2015 line including the Interbike bike of the year Tracer T275C, the new Spider 275 as well as the Carbine 29, Spider 29 and the Tracer 275. 

When and Where: Sunday January 25th 9AM-3PM China Camp Park (San Pedro Rd near the campground entrance) in San Rafael 

See you there!

Customer Travelogue- All Around Tahoe

Recently our customer Brian headed up to Tahoe for a week of mountain biking. Not one to waste anytime, Brian took his newly acquired Intense Tracer 275 (from Elevation Bike Co we might add) and shredded the trails in and around Tahoe. We're talking Dirty Harry's, Corral, Christmas Valley, Tyrolean Downhill, Rim trail and Flume Trail. With his crew of fellow scientists (Brian informed us that he and and number of fellow scientists from near and far hit the trails every August). As you'll see from looking from the pics, it was a pretty epic week! Thanks for sharing Brian!