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DH Finals, Maribel France- Watch it at Elevation Bike Co.

The UCI DH finals are upon us. Pretty unpredictable as to who will win. What's your prediction? Ratboy continue his streak? Gwin? The statesman Hill reminding everyone that he's still a contender. And what about the women? Can Rachel catch up? Carpenter continue to ride fast?

This is going to be a nail biter for sure. So for all the fans of UCI DH,  we'll be streaming it here at the shop starting at noon pacific. Not quite sure if we'll be able to see the whole thing live but we'll have it on. Swing by..we might even have a few beers chilled.   

Right now here are the current standings: 

Mens DH Overall standings:

1. Josh Bryceland

2. Troy Brosnan

3. Aaron Gwin 

4. Sam Hill

5. Gee Atherton


Womens DH Overall standings:

1. Manon Carpenter

2. Emmeline Ragot

3. Rachel Atherton

4. Tracey Hannah

5. Myriam Nicole