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Bike Review- Co-Motion Klatch

So it's been a good 6 months on the Co-Motion Klatch and enough saddle time to get a real feel for the bike. I have to say I'm often impressed with what this bike can do. I definitely ride it more like a cross bike (raced once so far) or light duty MTB w/ a good dose of commuting thrown in, so it's gone through its paces already. 

     For a steel frame, it sure likes to get up and go when you get on the gas. I expected a bit of lag w/ a steel frame, especially a 58cm but I'm quite surprised w/ how much pedaling torque goes into forward motion. Climbing, especially off road… is constantly amazing me. Tons of traction, impressive over roots and through sand…it seems to moto right on through.

    Handling is definitely not hurt by the low bottom bracket, just over 10mm lower than the more traditional height bottom brackets on Co-Motion’s more CX specific models the Veloraptor and Cross Rex. Pedal strikes? Yeah on occasion (with 175m cranks) but once you get the rhythm of riding this frame you wouldn't change it for the world.

    The Klatch is one of those bikes that has multiple personalities: road, gravel, cross, adventure, touring, commuting and even light duty trail riding (up to 40c tires fit w/ no problem). Perfect for someone who wants a do-all bike and not have to have a stable of bikes. Co-Motion is a custom builder that make the “custom build” process of getting what you need easy and within your budget. With all the options available it's one of those keep it forever bikes. Pick a color and go get it dirty as soon as possible.

For more information on the Klatch and other Co-Motion bikes visit their website @

-Charlie Kocornik, Co-Owner Elevation Bike Co

Co-Motion Klatch