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Client Ride- Kyle's 2015 Focus Mares 2.0 CX

Meet Kyle and his new race ripper Focus Mares CX 2.0. Looks like Fidel photobombed Kyle in his moment of joy. 


Kyle is a great friend of the store and was helpful during the build out process. Our service countertop was fabricated and finished by Kyle. If you're looking for custom furniture or fabrication for your home or business, have a look at what Kyle can do for ya over at his website!

For a review of the Focus Mares 2.0 CX have a read here:

New Arrival: 2015 Focus Mares CX 2.0

We just received a shipment of the super awesome, race ready 2015 Focus Mares CX 2.0. There's been quite a buzz on these bikes. From the integrated chainguide, to the Rapid Thru-Axle system (RAT). Cyclocross season is just around the corner, and this machine just might put you on the podium! We have em', swing by to check them out.        

Elevation Bike Co. Now a Focus Dealer

Attention all you cyclocrossers, cyclocross dressers or cross dressers, whoever you might be--we’re now a Focus dealer in San Francisco! These are great bikes. We have a deutche-phile type of appreciation for German engineering… you know how those Porsches look so sleek, give you speed, and garners looks on the road? That’s what Focus brings to the mix. They have a comprehensive selection of well-spec’d bikes in their repertoire. Whether you’re an entry-level, cross-curious, or an expert rider, they’ve got a bike to fit your needs.

What separates Focus from other brands is that most of their models have thru axles and an integrated chain guide. This resonated with us as mountain bikers because we understand the importance of these performance features. This allows for greater stability and control, and when you’re going over those bumps on the course, your chain isn’t going to fall off the chainring…good stuff.

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