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Come to WTB Bike Clinic on Tubeless Set-Up, Get 20% Off

Over the next couple of months, Elevation Bike Co. will be hosting a series of clinics ranging from setting your wheels up for tubeless, to suspension set up, to Cyclocross Season preparation.

Our first clinic will be on Thursday, August 21st from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. WTB will be here at the shop (2648 Judah Street) to give a half-hour presentation, showing you tubeless from top to bottom:

  • Tape rims
  • Valve install
  • Sealant
  • Tire install and bead setting
  • Ongoing maintenance for a "no flat tire" future!

In addition to this informative presentation, we'll have beer and pizza, AND you’ll receive 20% off WTB products ordered during the clinic. Rad!

Hope to see you Aug. 21st - feel free to contact us with any questions.

Mountain, Cyclocross, and Touring Bikes in Stock Now

Here at Elevation Bike Co, we carry mountain, cyclocross, and touring bikes. Here's a listing (plus gallery pics) of what we have in stock, all 2014 and all are RAD:

  • Co-Motion- Cascadia Co-pilot 50cm
  • Co-Motion - Klatch 58cm
  • Focus - Mares 2.0 56cm & 54cm
  • Intense 275- Med black and raw large
  • Intense 275C- Medium red and large black
  • Intense 951 Evo- Medium
  • Intense Carbine 29- Medium
  • Intense Spider 29- Large
  • Rocky Mountain Altitude 770MSL- Rally edition medium
  • Rocky Mountain Instinct 950- Medium
  • Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 750- Medium 
  • Rocky Mountain Altitude 750MSL- Large and Medium
  • Rocky Mountain Altitude 750- Large
  • Rocky Mountain Solo CXR- Medium

Elevation Bike Co. Now a Focus Dealer

Attention all you cyclocrossers, cyclocross dressers or cross dressers, whoever you might be--we’re now a Focus dealer in San Francisco! These are great bikes. We have a deutche-phile type of appreciation for German engineering… you know how those Porsches look so sleek, give you speed, and garners looks on the road? That’s what Focus brings to the mix. They have a comprehensive selection of well-spec’d bikes in their repertoire. Whether you’re an entry-level, cross-curious, or an expert rider, they’ve got a bike to fit your needs.

What separates Focus from other brands is that most of their models have thru axles and an integrated chain guide. This resonated with us as mountain bikers because we understand the importance of these performance features. This allows for greater stability and control, and when you’re going over those bumps on the course, your chain isn’t going to fall off the chainring…good stuff.

focus bikes.jpg